Are you tired of having your child spill their food? This innovative snack bowl solves that problem!   

The Unspillable Snack Bowl provides parents with the opportunity to let their kids eat while eliminating the fear of them spilling their food all over the floor or furniture!


  • Uses Gyro Gravity Technology To Prevent Spills
  • Very Convenient & Easy To Use Handles
  • Holds All Kinds of Solid & Liquid Snacks
  • Super Easy To Clean & Dishwasher Safe!


Twist, Turn, Flip, & Rotate, But This Bowl Will Not Spill!

Kids have wobbly movements and poor coordination, so that spills will happen! However, this super bowl has an anti-spill design in which the inner bowl with gyroscopic motion can rotate 360 degrees and always keep the open side facing up to keep dry foods inside and avoid food spilling. Plus, we added three handles for easy carrying and a lid to cover the food when not in use! Unless you are purposefully trying to get this bowl to spill, the chances of it spilling are very slim!

This bowl is made of 100% food-grade PP material. It is FDA approved and BPA free, ensuring safe use for your kids! The Unspillable Kid’s Snack Bowl is super durable and won’t break, crack, discolor, warp, melt or flake away. It also doesn’t change the nature of the food you put in there! With such a creative design, it’s surprisingly easy to clean. Just wash it gently in warm water or put it in the dishwasher.

  • Great For Kids At Home Or On The Go
  • Keeps Food Off The Floor
  • FDA Approved & BPA Free
  • Perfect For Toddlers & Children

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